BA-MEN Privacy Policy

This page was was last updated on 11:13:25 PM EDT Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

* BA-MEN (Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism) takes your privacy seriously.  That is why we never sell or give any of our membership data to anyone.

* On your membership form, we've give you options regarding sharing some limited (as noted) membership data with other members, especially for the purposes of ride sharing.

* There are also privacy options regarding photos on the membership form, however we still request that you tell any photographer present at an event if it's NOT OK to snap your photo, which will be possibly used in various club projects, including but not limited to the newsletter and/or web site.

* We also require of members that do receive a copy of the limited membership list that it be used ONLY for personal contact purposes.

* If you sign-up for one of our server's hosted e-mail lists, you will not receive any mail not related to that list.

* If you sign-up with our Yahoo! Group forum(s), we cannot control how Yahoo may use your personal data (there are options on your private profile to control your information's use), but again, you will not be solicited by us for any reason because of joining that forum.

* Our various payment processors also have privacy policies in effect, and settings on your account profiles with them can control things like marketing preferences.

* We do (as does Yahoo on the Yahoo! Groups) reserve the right to include advertising (or not) in any of our methods of contact.  Such would be limited to an image or paragraph of text (where we have complete content control), and any proceeds from such advertizing sales would be used to benefit the club.

* This policy may be updated periodically, however we will still never sell or give out any of your personal information for any purpose.

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