BA-MEN Opinion Polls

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All responses to these polls are anonymous UNLESS you type your email address or other info on the poll responses.

If you need/want us to contact you, please fill out our Feedback form or email us.

Please note that if you are prompted about "Adult Mode", it is necessary to select "18 or older" and then click "Save" to continue to the poll.

Our currently open polls:

Reschedule the 2017 Tecopa Hot Springs Soak & Death Valley Trip Vote Results
BA-MEN Yoga Class via Video - Interested? Vote Results
BA-MEN Club Meeting - Want to be involved? Vote Results
Would you attend a 2-day/3 time period party? Vote Results
Event details as posted to Yahoo Group forums Vote Results
Why don't YOU attend BA-MEN events? Vote Results
Workshop Events Vote Results
Note that multiple choice votes weigh equally for each vote by a single person, so percentages may not total 100%.

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