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Our Group's Purpose & Guidelines

* The BA-MEN: Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism club is a not-for-profit Gay/Bi Male Naturist/Nudist group.  Our focus is as a loosely-organized social group, not a sex club.  (However, whatever happens among two or more members, in private, is their own business.)

* Never been to a naturist/nudist event before?  We host a variety of events, including Jacuzzi soaks, pool parties, potlucks, game nights, movie nights, and massage trade parties throughout the year.  We welcome guests and new members at all events.

* What to bring:  You should bring a towel to sit on at all times.  At wet events, we ask that you also bring another towel to dry off with and perhaps a back-up.  Please also bring your own beverages to drink, along with food or snacks to share as announced.  A small fee to help cover expenses is charged at most events, and should be paid when you arrive if not before.

You may wish to bring a backpack or gym bag to place your clothes in.  Please avoid bringing more that a few dollars or valuables to the party for your own safety.

* When to arrive & leave:  You may come and go at any time between the hours listed for the event, unless otherwise noted.  We do not require you to arrive exactly at the start of the event, nor require you to stay until the end.  Many of our members and guests have other commitments that require their presence elsewhere, and we understand this.

When you arrive you will check in at the door with our President, the event's host, or other club member, you will then pay your event fee/contribution and sign our event guest list (we use any information given to keep in touch with you, and do not give it to anyone without your express permission).  After you check in, you will be directed to the changing area where you can get undressed and leave your clothes.

* What to expect:  Our events are much like other social events - you will find men in a social atmosphere participating in the planned activities.  The biggest difference is that everyone is nude.  We hope you will also find a greater sense of camaraderie and mutual acceptance.

* Sexuality:  We join GNI & IMEN in supporting healthy, legal, non-sexual, nude recreation.

As a GNI & IMEN affiliated club, we acknowledge that sex is natural - but sex is not equated with naturism/nudism.  GNI & IMEN affiliated clubs respect all of their members for their individuality, whether or not they choose to express their sexuality, and we endeavor to respect individual sensibilities as may be appropriate, and encourage our members & guests to do the same.  In addition, all sexually active individuals are encouraged to practice safe sex.  You MAY NOT AT ANY TIME AT ONE OF OUR EVENTS PARTICIPATE IN "BAREBACKING", or indulge in "kink" activities such as fisting.  What you and your partner(s) of the moment do away from the club is your business, but we STRONGLY request that you not participate in any allowed sexual activities if you do participate in unsafe sex elsewhere.

* Our events are naturist/nudist social events.  Sexual activity is generally not appropriate during our events, however, some events will be followed by an "after hours" party, where sexual activity may be allowed.

* BA-MEN meets at various members' private homes (pool parties at homes with private yards).

* Also, per event you attend, the host may request a door fee of $0-$5 per member, first-time guest, or brother club member, and $5-$10 per non-member will be due to the club.  (Some events may be more due to special arrangements with costs involved.)  If you cannot afford the full amount, please tell us when you RSVP, and when possible you will be allowed in for whatever you can afford or for free at donation-only events.

* Our club is NOT clothing-optional, instead we require nudity.  If you have never been to a nude beach, another club, or even a locker room, we'll give you a little time to get acclimated.  Please let this be known when you RSVP if you feel you may be nervous about getting naked.

* The group is still small, but has a large number of guys interested online, and has a wide range of ages attending from around 18 to 70-something.  Rather well-rounded, I'd say.  ;>

* Also keep in mind at our events:

A nude gathering is not an open invitation to have sex.  Open sexual activity is usually inappropriate, and often makes others feel uncomfortable.  Hugs and friendly touching are OK - groping and erotic playing are not. Spontaneous erections are generally considered natural and should not be a cause for concern, embarrassment, or shame.  Sex, if allowed at all, must be confined to designated areas and must be mutually agreed upon.

Always sit on a towel!  Don't place your bare body in contact with furniture or upholstery, especially when you are a guest in someone's home.  Sweat and body secretions, though a fact of life, can be unsanitary and unpleasant to others.

Body acceptance is what we're all about!  Avoid staring at other bodies or making anyone feel conspicuous or uncomfortable.  We wish to make everyone feel welcome and accepted.

You are expected to be nude, but wearing shoes, sandals, and/or socks are always permitted, if you want.  Otherwise, remove all your clothes unless the event is specifically designated as clothing optional.  Shoes or sandals are usually worn when necessary, and some clothing may be appropriate in cool weather, but don't cover up when everyone else is nude.  It will tend to make you unwelcome in the group.

Please use moderation when consuming alcohol.  Overindulging often results in objectionable behavior and makes others uncomfortable.

Don't bring illegal drugs (including "420") or any inhalants to any of our gatherings.

Check with us about our photo policy.  At some events all photography may be prohibited.  Any photographs taken must be strictly for private viewing and cannot be published.  Avoid taking photographs of others unless you have permission in advance.  If photos taken for club purposes (newsletter, web site, etc), the photographer will always ask if anyone objects to photos being taken and used in this fashion - If you remain silent, you automatically give your consent for the use of yourself in such a photo for club purposes.  We will respect your wishes in either case, shooting or cropping around you as needed.

Some parties may have other specific rules, which will be in the event announcement.  Always be aware of and comply with all rules, including such things as smoking, parking, etc.  These is especially important when the event is in a private home.

Please thank the host!  Naturist/nudist events are more fun when everyone helps with the responsibilities.  If you decide to join BA-MEN, you may wish to host a party.  We will assist you with anything necessary for setup & clean-up upon request.

* The club can be contacted by snail-mail at:
C/O John E. 12410 Woodbridge Dr., Ste. B-62
Garden Grove, CA 92843-4165

* If you wish to obtain more information via USPS Mail, please send a return self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.  We would prefer you contact us by email or by phone (# below) after reading this page in full.

* If you wish to receive our newsletter & event calendar mailings via email and be listed in our members directory, please read this page in full, then click here.

* Additional questions may also be directed via E-Mail, but please refer to our calendar before submitting scheduling/event questions.

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